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Realtor Search – Hire the Right One for You!

Posted on Nov 1, 2016

Whether you are buying or selling a home, partnering with the right realtor can be critical to optimizing outcomes. And quite frankly, it can be a great way to help minimize the stress that sometimes comes with real estate transactions.

Here are a few tips to finding a Realtor® that is best for you:

What’s in a job title?
Before searching, it’s important to understand the industry qualifications of the realtor you are hiring. When looking for help in purchasing or selling your home, there are three different types of professionals who can help you. Know the difference:

  • A Real Estate Agent is someone who holds a license to sell or rent Property. Licensure usually requires completion of a minimum number of hours of coursework and passing a state exam.
  • A Real Estate Broker has completed education beyond the agent level as required by state laws and has passed a broker’s license exam.
  • Realtor can be either an agent or a broker who is also a member of the National Association of Realtors® . The benefit here is that Realtors must uphold the professional standards of the association and its code of ethics

The best way to find a realtor is to have a referral from a trusted friend, family member, or your professional network. Don’t just take a name and run with the referral. Take time to ask questions: What is the relationship of the referral source to the realtor? Did the realtor work with them through a full transaction? What were the strengths and potential pitfalls of working with the Realtor?

 Online Search
There are so many online resources to find a realtor. To get started, try or Zillow. Click around once you are on these sites to learn of realtor experience, reviews, current listings, volume, etc. You can also drill down further and search realtor names on LinkedIn – the world’s number one professional networking site.

Interview Prospective Realtors
You are about to trust this individual, as well as the brokerage he represents, to help you navigate a significant life investment or sale of property in which you have specific goals.

The first key here is if the prospective realtor will take the time to meet with you and how they handle themselves with answering your questions.

Here are some questions to get you started:

  • Please describe your real estate experience in years and accomplishments.  Both these things matter together. It’s preferred to hire a realtor with proven success.
  • What is your knowledge and experience in my town? It’s important to know if the realtor lives in the area and is familiar with the many workings of the town and has a deep book of professionals that he can refer you to in the areas of attorneys, contractors, inspectors and lenders.
  • Are you a full time or part time realtor? For optimal results, choose a full time realtor whose priority both in work and schedule will be you. Access is important and a part time realtor would mean, at best, part time access.
  • What is your unique value in the marketplace that would be of benefit handling challenging transactions? This is kind of where the rubber hits the road. What is your realtor made of? What is the realtor’s business acumen and skill in getting to the table and closing the deal for you.
  • Who is on your team? What is our access to the broker if there is a situation that needs to be elevated or if we would like an additional consult? This will help you understand the depth and breath of the skill and expertise behind the realtor. It’s good to understand if the realtor stands alone or if there is a dedicated team to help.

Remember, you are hiring a professional to help you through a personal/business transaction that has financial and lifetime significance. Take time to ensure that your prospects demonstrate superb communication and negotiation skills, professional ethics, integrity and a true passion for helping clients get to the finish line.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.   I am happy to help.

Thomas DeFazio
Thomas DeFazio
Realtor® Associate
Chris Smith Realty